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Warlords book cover.jpg


(Methuen 2005, co-author Joanna Potts)


“Fascinating insights into the minds of these titans” - Daily Mail

“Gripping, innovative and perceptive …. It reads like a thriller but it is also a scholarly, impeccably researched piece of work … superlative” – Tribune

History has often sought to document the Second World War through the experiences of the millions of people who fought it and suffered it. Warlords does something quite different.

By using their own words and the words of those who observed them at the time, the book unravels the psychology of the four wartime leaders as history's greatest conflict unfolds. It reveals the strengths and weaknesses of four men in the making of decisions with consequences for the whole world.


Moving from Whitehall and Washington to the Wolf's Lair and the Kremlin, Warlords documents the psychological battle between the war leaders and shows how their thoughts and actions changed history.

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