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Allies at War book cover.jpg

allies at war

(Harper Collins, 2001)


“Particularly good at showing us how events looked at the time, rather than how they would later seem” - Daily Telegraph

“A cracker” - The Independent

“Full of astonishing revelations and insights” - The Guardian

“Fascinating … A captivating glimpse into the personalities and goals of the three Allied giants” - Library Journal

Originally published alongside its own TV documentary, Allies at War recreates the turbulent and dramatic wartime relationship between the three titanic leaders of the Second World War who, in the public view, were on the same side: the American President, Franklin Roosevelt; the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill; and the Free French leader, Charles de Gaulle. 

But behind the scenes they fought viciously and cunningly in pursuit of their own agendas. "De Gaulle is a very dangerous threat to us," accused Roosevelt. "De Gaulle is a man opportunist, unscrupulous, ambitious to the last decree" complained Churchill. "We must have no relationship with the Anglo-Saxons under any circumstances and at whatever cost," warned de Gaulle. 

Hatred, rivalries, and hasty judgements underpinned a unique emotional triangle, as well as occasional outbreaks of mutual respect and love. With extensive research and newly uncovered wartime papers, Allies at War provides an extraordinary insight into these complex men and the post-war legacy of their embittered alliance. 

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